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    CurraNZ research: Fast-acting supplement increases fat burning 21% at rest

    on July 01, 2022
    Scientists excited at ‘extraordinary’ discovery
    'Taking a supplement that has fast-acting adaptive fat burning benefits is very exciting'

    Early data from a landmark study has revealed the ‘extraordinary’ extent of our blackcurrant extract’s fat burning properties, showing it works very well at REST, and not just exercise. 

    Researchers believe the supplement could burn up to 5kg fat a year – and delivers fat metabolism adaptations normally achieved after several weeks of exercise.

    With almost ten studies showcasing the unprecedented effects of this unique berry extract on fat burning, experts believe it could be a serious weight management tool when used with diet and exercise.

    Until now, sports physiology researchers have focused on the berry’s fat burning properties in exercise models, which revealed its significant effects, particularly those with higher body mass indexes. 



    According to lead researcher Professor Mark Willems of the University of Chichester, “these new ‘at rest’ findings are exciting, because it shows blackcurrant’s effect on fat burning may  go on for many hours  hours in a day - and not just the period when you exercise.”

    The Professor of Exercise Physiology describes the findings as ‘extraordinary’, calculating that the cumulative effects over a year could amount to 1kg-5kg of fat loss.

    In the study, researchers tested 16 healthy and physically active males at rest, following 14 days’ intake of 600mg of the supplement.

     Findings showed the CurraNZ blackcurrant extract led to:

    • 21% greater fat oxidation (on average)
    • Three out of four subjects on blackcurrant exhibited enhanced fat burning responses
    Professor: 'Blackcurrant extract could be a serious tool for fat loss, without doing anything extra'


    Professor Willems (left) says: “Based on the premise that the supplement is effective for six-ten  hours of the day, outside of eating periods, when the effects would be eliminated, this could contribute to burning an additional 5kg of fat in a year for some people.

    “This is extraordinary. If you’re trying to increase all your healthy habits and using diet and exercise to lose weight, New Zealand blackcurrant extract could be a serious tool for those seeking fat loss, without doing anything extra.”

    Previously, walking and cycling studies have shown that 7-14 days’ intake of the CurraNZ New Zealand blackcurrant supplement improved rates of fat burning in men and women by averages of up to 30%.

    Studies have shown it is more effective over 14 days than seven, in those with fat deposits in the legs, arms and torso, and those who are overweight or obese.

    He adds: “Blackcurrant is changing something in the system that takes time. It’s tremendous to see the effect can be achieved without exercise. Maybe it’s better over an even longer period, we don’t know yet, but it’s a really good message.”



    Clear performance implications for athletes

    For endurance athletes, enhanced fat oxidation, which is naturally achieved through exercise, is associated with enhanced performance1. High-fat diets are used to help the ‘switch’ to using more fat as fuel2, but studies have shown that high fat diets don’t lead to improved physical performance3.

    Professor Willems notes, “It’s good to see New Zealand blackcurrant enhances fat oxidation without the need for a change in diet.

     “We know you can change fat oxidation when you train or by altering your diet. Higher fat intake has been used as a strategy for improving endurance, to spare carbohydrate use.

    “However, studies3 have shown that actually, high fat diets don’t lead to enhanced performance, and makes people feel sluggish.

    “Even from a health perspective, taking a supplement that has fast-acting adaptive fat burning benefits and has the potential to reduce metabolic inflexibility is very exciting.

    “We have seen that New Zealand blackcurrant extract increases performance across a range of exercise modalities and for endurance activities we believe this is likely to be one of the mechanisms at work”.


    The study abstract, Anthocyanin-rich New Zealand blackcurrant extract enhances whole-body resting fat oxidation in physically active males was released at the International Sports Science and Nutrition Conference in Florida on June 17 2022.



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