Acclaimed for performance, fat burning and muscle recovery, CurraNZ launches in Australia

Acclaimed for performance, fat burning and muscle recovery, CurraNZ launches in Australia

MUSCLE RECOVERY and fat-burning blackcurrant extract, CurraNZ (RRP NZD$39.90 / AUD$36.95), has launched in Australia. The revolutionary natural supplement is made from New Zealand blackcurrants, with the equivalent of 85 berries in each capsule.

Boasting anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and circulation-boosting properties, researchers have found blackcurrants are unique for their three-in-one benefits for performance, fat burning and muscle recovery. 

When taken for seven days, Liverpool John Moores University in England found the supplement boosts fat burning by 27% in women while exercising – an increase usually only seen after four weeks of daily endurance exercise.

A similar earlier study also found CurraNZ increases fat burning by around 21% in active men, but the latest study was the first time women had been tested.

Dr Sam Shepherd (right), Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, who conducted the study this year, says: “Seven days is not a very long time to see such big changes. Anything above 20% is typically what we expect to see with 3-4 weeks of regular endurance exercise training.

“It was positive to see the effects of blackcurrants on fat-burning extend to females, especially since women already have a greater reliance on fat as a fuel compared to men.”

The researchers analysed 16 active women who took either 600mg (two capsules) of CurraNZ or a placebo once a day for a week.

The women then cycled for two hours, with blood samples being taken every 15 minutes to measure their fat and carbohydrate levels.

For the Brisbane launch, Health Currancy Ltd Founder, Fleur Cushman, says: “We’re excited to be launching CurraNZ in Brisbane, after the product has proven so popular in the UK and New Zealand health and fitness markets. 

Containing polyphenols and beneficial plant pigments called anthocyanins, CurraNZ has until now, been used by high-performance athletes around the world to improve muscle recovery and performance.

 The scientists believe the berries’ unprecedented effect on fat burning is one of the reasons CurraNZ is improving performance in both recreational exercisers and elite athletes.

As more research has been released, CurraNZ has been found to have a host of other benefits including:

Increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery for reduced muscle fatigue
Improving sports performance by averages of up to 11%
Boosting muscle recovery and immunity
Supporting brain health and longevity, due to high anthocyanin content

Other studies have also suggested Blackcurrants can help guard against heart attacks and strokes, significantly lower harmful cholesterol, and reduce risk factors in diabetics by reducing sugar spikes, improving insulin resistance, fat burning and increased blood flow.

The research paper, New Zealand blackcurrant extract enhances fat oxidation during prolonged cycling in endurance-trained females, can be found here.

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About CurraNZ:

CurraNZ is created from the anthocyanin-rich, purple skins of New Zealand blackcurrants and research into its benefits is advancing rapidly. Ten peer-reviewed papers on sport and exercise performance have been published on CurraNZ, with nine Universities worldwide researching the product for its health and sports benefits.


Blackcurrant polyphenols and anthocyanins have circulation-boosting effects, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Previous research on males has shown CurraNZ improves fat burning during short and long-durations at low and moderate-cycling intensities and also improves performance by up to 8.6% in 16.1km time trials. Scientists believe blackcurrant compounds improve endurance as a result of improving blood flow to muscles by 20%-35% during exercise.


Accredited by the global trusted supplement programme, Informed-Sport, CurraNZ is certified for use by professional athletes and is already becoming an essential supplement for sports stars and teams.


CurraNZ is a powdered natural NZ blackcurrant extract in a capsule, each containing the equivalent of 85 berries and comes with a money-back guarantee to improve muscle recovery.


Each pack of CurraNZ contains 30 capsules and is available at for NZD$39.90